How to make a Cheap Water Softener for less Frizzy Hair


This post is for anyone who lives in a hard water area  
and does not have a built in water softening system.

Hard water can make hair feel dry & frizzy with little shine.  
This is because Hard water needs more shampoo to lather up.  
It is easy to use too much shampoo and not rinse it off properly, 
leaving unwanted residue to dry on your hair.

With Soft water,  it is easier to lather up with less shampoo 
so that you don't strip off too much hair oil leaving it dry and frizzy.

How can you tell if you have hard water?
Just look in your kettle, if there is white chalky gunge caked on to the 
heating element, you have hard water.


To make your own Soft water, buy a small pack of water softener crystals. 
Make sure they are the granulated type and not the compacted disc shaped variety.
These can be found at supermarkets and hardware shops.


Unscrew the shower head


Use a funnel to fill the Shower Head with the Softener Crystals


Screw the Shower head back on to the shower hose. 
The water that comes out of your shower head has to pass through the crystals just like a built in water softener but only costs a the price of a bag of Softener Salts.


Put the shower back and use it to wash and rinse your hair.


That's it!