How to make a Bag from a Broken Umbrella - No Sewing!

How to make a Bag from a Broken Umbrella

Broken Umbrellas can be easily turned into a bag strong and useful.
 All you need is some shoe lace....

DIY - Wall Hung Modem and Wifi Router Board

How to make a space saving wall hung modem and wifi router

This is a quick and easy way to hang a cable modem and wifi router on the wall so that it does not have to take up space on the table.  A cheap space saver.

How to make Cheap Green Tea the Lazy Way

How to make a little bit of Green Tea go a long way.
This post is about making your own green tea powder and using tiny amounts of it to make a surprising quantity of tea. This method makes a bag of green tea leaves go a long way and is also fuss free, there is no need to strain away tea leaves.

Easy Vegan Creamy Chocolate Milkshake - Low Calories too!

Easy low calorie chocolate milkshake

This is a super easy low-cal Vegan Milk Shake that will keep you full to avoid snaking between meals.