How to Thread Eyebrows and Remove Facial hair at home for Free

How to Thread Eyebrows and Remove Facial Hair at Home

This is a chemical free and fast way to remove unwanted facial hair in private and at home.

1. Cut about 45cm (18 inches) of thread. 

Eyebrow Threading - Cut Thread

2. Knot it at one end, making a loop.

Eyebrow Threading - make a loop

3. Twist the middle about 10 times to make a shuttle.

Eyebrow Threading  twist to make a shuttle

4. Practice moving the shuttle from one side to the other by  opening one hand and closing the other at the same time.

Eyebrow Threading - practice moving the shuttle

5. When you can control the shuttle, press it front of unwanted hairs 
and move it against the direction of growth.
Use the thread triangle to mark out one area at a time.  

Eyebrow Threading - begin slowly

6. DIY eyebrow threading can also be used
 to tidy up the hairline, hair between brows or upper lip areas.

Eyebrow Threading - forehead - upper lip

Tip 1: Go Slow and stop to review frequently.
Tip 2: It is better to repeat over small patches than over do it.
Tip 3: Beginners should be able to control the shuttle position properly before attempting precision brow shaping.